Saturday, November 1, 2008

Replica Tom Baker era Doctor Who scarf

So, I had a commission to make a Tom Baker scarf for Halloween this year. However, I didn't get it until October 8th!

My hands are killing me, but I finished it. For the most part, I followed the pattern I found at The scarf was made a bit wider than the original, by request. I used medium weight acrylic yarn for the majority of the colors, and 8g needles.

The pattern was modified slightly near the very end, as I ended up in a bit of a crunch. Three weeks is not a lot of time for this project! So, the last few bands of color have a few of the rows cut.

Sometime next week I will be starting my second scarf. This one will be made exactly to pattern, and from wool rather than acrylic. Go nerd!crafts!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Be sure to come see Knotty Sisters at What a Load of Craft IV next weekend!

We will have handmade clothes, toys, and maybe even some deliciousness

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Goddess of Felt

This is some of the most amazing stuff I have seen in awhile!
Sewn by Blythe

Some highlights:

Felted Rolleiflex

Nintendo with Duck Hunt

Amazing typewriter with moving parts

The friggin' Guggenheim

Community Spirit!

When we saw this online, Brittany immediately said "AH! We have to move there!!" "There" being Yellow Springs, OH, where this community project lives:

This project is awesome for so many reasons. Street art + knit art = awesome already, but when you the fact that different community members contribute to it on an ongoing basis makes it pretty amazing to me.
Here is the article on Extreme Craft

introductions have never been my strong suit.

Well we have a blog! Check here in the future for projects, patterns, and other funstuff.