Saturday, November 1, 2008

Replica Tom Baker era Doctor Who scarf

So, I had a commission to make a Tom Baker scarf for Halloween this year. However, I didn't get it until October 8th!

My hands are killing me, but I finished it. For the most part, I followed the pattern I found at The scarf was made a bit wider than the original, by request. I used medium weight acrylic yarn for the majority of the colors, and 8g needles.

The pattern was modified slightly near the very end, as I ended up in a bit of a crunch. Three weeks is not a lot of time for this project! So, the last few bands of color have a few of the rows cut.

Sometime next week I will be starting my second scarf. This one will be made exactly to pattern, and from wool rather than acrylic. Go nerd!crafts!

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Momma said...

what were the brands/colors used for the acrylic yarn???